How to Choose a Good Gun Belt For EDC [Video]


One of the most common excuses I hear for people deciding to not carry their gun everyday is that it’s super uncomfortable. 

In fact, only a small percentage of people who have concealed carry permits actually carry everyday. 

Usually I hear people blame the holster. Maybe something like “It’s too bulky” or “It’s pulling my pants down”.  So they end up buying every holster under the sun trying to somehow make carrying more comfortable. 


While there are some holsters that are better than others; you usually can’t solve the problem until you find the right belt. In a lot of cases I’ve seen that choosing the right belt actually fixes most problems with concealed carrying.  

That’s because the right belt can actually support the gun without tugging your pants down. 

Most belts that you buy from the store were designed to hold up just a pair of pants, not a 5 lbs pistol on your hip too. This is why it’s very important to wear a belt designed for carrying a gun. 

We solve this issue a lot in our Patriot Training Center classes. So we had Caleb Lee, the founder of Patriot Training Center, film this free Youtube video and he’s going to show you how to choose the best concealed carry belt. 

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