How Women SHOULD Celebrate International Women’s Day


If you’re a woman who is a firearms enthusiast, how do you think that you should celebrate International Women’s Day? Should you do stereotypical things like appreciate your spouse and family and just enjoy being with them? Should you celebrate by going out or having a big party? Or should you do something else?

Well, if you’re like a group of activists for women’s shooting, you definitely choose the something else option. And it may be an option that you decide to pick, too. Michael Clements writes,

Antonia Cover, director of women’s outreach for Gun Owners of America, would like to see some of that [women being prepared to defend themselves with firearms] attitude revived. Ms. Cover leads Empowered 2A, a movement dedicated to providing “education, training, and advocacy content that encourages and equips women of all ages in their gun ownership journey.”

She’s not trying to establish a female militia or prepare women for combat. Ms. Cover says she wants women to be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights in defense of themselves, their families, and their communities.

“We really want to stress what Empowered 2A stresses, that gun rights are women’s rights,” Ms. Cover told The Epoch Times.

To do that, Empowered 2A is set to host its inaugural “National Women’s Range Day“ on March 9 in Grapevine, Texas, the day after International Women’s Day on March 8.

Really, this is the way that all women should be celebrating International Women’s Day, isn’t it? After all, women have a much higher statistical chance of needing to be able to defend themselves from a physical attack than men do. So, it only makes sense that we would want to see more women empowered with firearms training and practice to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.


So, you may want to encourage the women in your life to celebrate that day with a range day, too, and make that a regular event.



  1. There are several women in Congress that defend 2nd Amendment rights. Most women governors also support 2nd Amendment. These gals are very open about their support and could have a far more reaching effect bringing more women into the 2A circle. Having figures like these could also swing many women voters to the party that supports the Constitution. Bring them on. I have 2 daughters. One is an NRA member and the other hates guns. Trying to convert her. Good luck all you 2A Hals out there.

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