Former Ranger Shares Travel Safety Tips For Americans [VIDEOS]


If you like to travel, or are even thinking about it, then you should really check out this video series from John Lovell.

John’s a former Army Ranger, war veteran, and full-time firearms/tactics instructor and he’s a good Christian guy who’s actually pretty entertaining to watch.

Traveling to third-world countries and other places that most TV news stations would say are rampant with murder and crime is usually safer than you think. Because American news is mostly fear-mongering propaganda.


That said, it pays to be prepared! Check out what you can do when you have to travel “un-armed” to other countries:

Travel Safety Tips: PT.1 Introduction

John is in Costa Rica and shares some advice from a local. Pretty funny story in here about a missionary group that got mugged THREE times! And of course what they did wrong

Travel Safety Tips: PT.2 General Advice

John shares some “common sense” advice that’s not that common unfortunately for traveling in foreign countries, especially third world countries. Good ideas on handling your passport in here. I really need to take John’s advice.

Travel Safety Tips: PT.3 Pretravel Preparation

John talks about pre-travel tips like how to do risk assessments for your destination, insurance considerations, medical considerations, education on the culture you intend to visit, hotel considerations, and more.

I have to admit, I don’t do half this stuff before traveling. And I should. This is all good advice.

Travel Safety Tips: PT.4 Advice for Hotels, Transit, Assault, etc

In this video John gives advice and quick tips for foreign travel on buses, taxis, personal vehicles, and planes as well as going through airports and crossing borders. He also covers staying in hotels or other people’s homes internationally and talks through responding to assaults/muggings.

Just a lot of good “rapid fire” tips here on traveling and getting around in foreign countries that are good tips.

Do You Know Of Any Other Good Travel Tips For Prepared Gun Owners?

These are great tips for those that want to be prepared to travel.

I know this guy, who is supposed to release a book on traveling because he has lots of experience. But it’s taking a while 🙂

At least he regularly posts a LOT of good info on travel safety after his globe trotting adventures, like these.

Leave some other good tips in the comments or other people to check out regarding this type of info.

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