You’ve Never Seen A Holster That Can Do This


This thing is just unreal! You can rack the slide on your gun, while it’s in the holster. Why don’t you just carry it with a round in the chamber? I don’t have a good answer for you on that one, but if you want a holster that allows you to rack the slide as you draw, such a thing exists.

The Fire Arms Blog sheds some light on the rationale for the product here:

[quote_box_center]For Law Enforcement outside of the US, some of them have to carry chamber empty. I saw this posted online. It was posted by a Filipino Gun Club. The holster allows the user to chamber a round as they draw the gun out.


It reminds me of the the Crye Gun Clip in that drawing the weapon out is a tilting/rocking out motion rather than a standard upward draw. However one issue I have is that the trigger is not covered up. It looks like there is some sort of trigger block when the Glock is locked in the holster. But that is not as good as a proper holster that completely covers the holster.


It’s made by APS conception, a company that mostly makes airsoft rifles. You can watch a video on the holster and read more here.



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  2. I’m not sure how good it would be for a duty holster; however, for someone like my wife, who has arthritis that generally prevents her from racking the slide bimanually, it would be pretty handy to be wearing a holster that would facilitate doing so. It’d be interesting to see if you can clear a common stoppage like a stovepipe, by racking the slide in this holster.

  3. turn your pistol slide top into the side of your holster…clamp firmly in place and press the grip frame down…this simple move will hold the slide in place ( non moving ) while the trigger group rides downward….release the pressure against your side and the slide of the pistol will slam have just used one hand to load your pistol.

  4. Ditto in the Navy when the 1911 was service standard. It was pretty fast and easy to do.

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