Pro-Gun Women’s Group Growing Due To On-Campus Concealed Carry In Texas


Feminist and “women’s advocacy” groups tend to be very controversial in the U.S. due to the extreme political positions on a variety of issues, many of which would seem to have nothing to do with empowering women. However, in Texas, a women’s advocacy group is growing that all pro-gun folks will appreciate.

EmPOWERed is a campus carry advocacy group which strongly advocates gun ownership for women. Why? EmPOWERed founder Antonia Okafor says,

Showing women that it is okay for them to carry a firearm is one of the best ways that we can help empower women.

Now, that’s women’s empowerment that every sensible person can get behind because it states the truth: the best way for women to protect themselves against violence is to have them armed and trained on how to handle their firearm.


Now, in case you’re nor familiar with it, in August 2016, Texas began allowing concealed carry on campus for students 21 years old and older with a valid gun permit. For any anti-gunners who think this is a bad idea, Coy Westbrook, quoting Students for Concealed Carry, gives us the facts:

Over the past 20 years, more than 150 campuses have allowed concealed carry on their grounds, and “not one of these campuses has seen a single resulting act of violence (including threats) or a single resulting suicide attempt.”

To make Okafor’s story more interesting, she is not your stereotypical gun owner. Westbrook writes,

In a recent PragerU video, Okafor discusses her path to pro-gun and conservative activism. She says that as a young, black, millennial woman she had a “clear political path to follow,” one that aligned closely with mainstream American progressivism. However, when she began questioning the shibboleths surrounding liberal politics, particularly pro-choice politics, she claims her friends “got angry” and called her “anti-woman.”

“But I’m not anti-woman,” she remembers thinking. “I am a woman. I just don’t want to be a weak one. I want to be strong.”

Around the same time, the African diaspora studies department at her college, the University of Texas-Austin, released a statement demanding that “firearms be banned in all spaces occupied by black people on our campus.” This demand, Okafor says, implies that either “black people are more dangerous than other people, or less worthy of protection.” Questioning these pieties, she claims, caused her liberal friends to call her a “race traitor.”

“But I’m not anti-black,” Okafor says. “I am black. I just want to be safe.”

In the wake of these questions, Okafor decided that “the very definition of empowerment required me to take responsibility of my own life.”

“So,” she says, “I bought a gun!”

Okafor is the very definition of an empowered woman: She decided to question what she had been taught to blindly believe, she considered the truth, and she acted on logic. This led her to a logical, sensible conclusion: buying a gun is an empowerment issue. It is a safety issue. It is a human rights issue because it is the power to take responsibility for her own life which is just as valuable as anyone else’s life.

I applaud Okafor for having the courage to think for herself and act with intelligence, and I hope that we see more who have been inundated with the traditional anti-gun rhetoric begin to question that rhetoric and make these same kind of wise decisions.



  1. She sounds like a very smart young woman. She watched. She asked questions. Then she came to her own conclusion and acted upon those informed conclusions. My hat is off to you. I wish more people would follow your lead.

  2. Maybe one day your come a time in your life when someone’s trying to hurt your family or maybe you’re getting raped or show mother and disasters account that you will have to live through if this happened it might open your stupid eyes to the fact my gun protection is important In a home or for that matter anytime danger arrive toward your family a gun defense is about the best thing you can have and Its a proven fact that states Who honor the Second Amendment have less crime and less violence in their state, so I pray you never get in the situation but if you do I hope to hell someone is there with a gun to protect your sorry ass

  3. I see nothing in the second amendment that says only men have the right to be armed. I am all for her or any other woman to have that right. When I was in law enforcement i was assigned to hold concealed carry classes once a weak. Many of my students were women, and became quite proficient in the use of firearms. They also understood the responsibility of being armed and the consequences of any abuses.

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  5. Give Okafor credit. She has what it takes to show others how it’s done! She is spreading to
    Great idea that women have as much right to own a gun as a man. I don’t understand how they brought color into this. Rather a senseless statement but then only to be expected from the
    Progressives. Keep up the good work Okafor, there’s more for you than against you.

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