Former Anti-Gunner Tells How He Became An NRA Life Member


There is hope for people in this world. It may not seem that way sometimes, but, then, you come across a story that reminds you that people can change. At least sometimes.

Jon Caldara was a pretty typical gun control advocate. As he puts it: “I used to hate guns, even giving money to anti-gun organizations.” But, now, “Today I am a life member of the National Rife Association.”

It gives me warm fuzzies just reading it.


So, how did this happen? Not quickly. In fact, in an op-ed piece for The Hill, he wrote,

The tale of my transition from “we need reasonable regulation” to “out of my cold dead hands” is not meant to convert gun control advocates to gun rights supporters, because no one column will ever do that. And that’s my point. No bumper sticker, Facebook post, Tweet or talkshow rant will change the mind of someone who feels the way I felt — that it’s insane to oppose gun limits. The only way to change someone’s anti-gun viewpoint is to slowly, and personally engage them and take them through the long process.

What happened is that his older brother, Paul, bought a gun and, then, calmly explained the details of the weapon, how it works and the safety features. That’s not to say that Jon became a gun owner immediately. Quite the opposite, in fact, but Paul invited Jon to the gun range to actually shoot a gun. Jon eventually went so that he could “have more credibility to convince him what a mistake he’d made [in buying a gun].”

Jon still hated guns. But, whenever he brought up an anti-gun objection to his brother, his brother calmly listened to Jon and then pointed Jon to research that he could do to get the facts for himself.

It took two years for Paul to get through Jon’s opposition to firearms. And the thing is, do you know what go through to Jon? It wasn’t slogans. It wasn’t protests. It was his brother responding calmly, listening to Jon, and giving Jon information on which Jon could make his own decision.

In other words, Paul treated Jon like a human being and gave Jon the opportunity to let the facts speak for themselves. Because, if someone can be calm while reading the facts, then they are more likely to be able to see that information with an open mind instead of their knee-jerk emotionalism.

Maybe this is a model that we should use in seeking to educate and enlighten the anti-gunners that we know.



  1. In all actuality gun haters make no sense & ramble on about gun control etc – they do not realize that an unarmed nation is a nation of slaves governed by tyranny – me personally I am noones slave
    So Mote it Be

  2. The thread in this story is Paul and Jon were “actual brothers.” Paul was the older brother and Jon was the “typical” snowflake; with one exception, he was willing to “listen to his older brother. Jon opposed guns and Paul listened. Paul talked and Jon listened. Communication, even though slow, occurred.
    An actual “snowflake” only listens to itself talk. There is no communication.
    Communication happened and Jon, eventually, learned that a gun is just a tool, as goo, or bad, as the shooter. Guns don’t, arbitrarily, kill. Snowflakes, like criminals kill because they covet what you have.

  3. Smart man, Jon Caldara took a little time but in the end, he found his way……. It’s like when the Gipper found out as a Dem it was useless then he converted to a conservative Rep.

    • Yes – people that pay attention, learn and grow in understanding actually grow up to become a viable adult – relevant and useful to their fellow man, culture, and society;
      exactly like RONALDUS MAGNUS…

  4. Well your not the first Rabid anti- gunner change their attitude Professor Gary Kleck don’t know if he’s formally of or still is of Florida State University set out to publish a paper on why guns needed to be controlled. Professor Kleck unlike many of todays professors who don’t let facts get in the way of their opinions. Found out he was wwwwrrrroooonnnnng (for those of you who ware old enough to remember Happy Days that was a poor imitation of The Fonz played by Henry Winkler saying wrong. Professor Kleck found nationwide in counties that had must issue, shall issue or constitutional carry violent crimes dropped significantly. Now since I am an honest former cop I will tell you that crime is pretty much a static problem. For arguments sake if crime is 10% it will remain 10% violent crimes or crimes against persons dropped but property crimes increased. now Professor Kleck is Pro concealed carry.

    Now I was also a fire arms instructor for both Law Enforcement and personal protection. Yes I am a Life Member of the NRA. But I believe George Zimmerman should have gone to prison. He was not a cop he shouldn’t be playing cop he was told by the dispatcher to stand down. For you hair splitters the dispatcher does not have the authority to order him to stand down. He went looking for trouble and found it and took the life of a teenager. Our stand your ground law in Florida was flawless and we almost lost it because of an idiot who was turned down by 2 Agencies.

    #2 And Im not going to argue numbers with some idiot who decides I am lying I taught a couple of thousand individuals the Florida CCW class none of my students that I am aware of used their fireaems illegally. The worst of the switchers are women who come from states like NY and Massachuset. Why you ask because they pick up stalkers and are afraid and come to learn. They are like reformed smokers the worst. But they need them.

    Finally and as we used to say in the days before Al gore invented the internet /s. Flames on Firearms are a tool not a toy. The police officer who shot and killed the armed man with a permit up north Midwest is guilty of manslaughter he did not follow proper procedure or officer safety rules. I watched the video so many times he located himself improperly. The second office at the rear do of the vehicle passenger side had a good view of the goings on in the vehicle. He did not react until the officer opened fire. The officer who shot should have been brought up on Manslaughter at the least. Like it or not thats the unvarnished truth. Well Im hungry so have a good day

    • Zimmerman was on his way back to his vehicle when Saint Trayvon of Skittles doubled back, jumped him and commenced to bash Zimmerman’s head into a concrete sidewalk, with accompanying Killer Ape shreiking and declared intent to kill Zimmerman.
      YOU are wwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg.

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