Clueless Blogger Thinks Life Insurance Is Better Protection Than A Gun


One of the most frustrating things about having a discussion (or, more likely, an argument) about firearms with an anti-gunner is their tendency to make illogical comparisons to further their “arguments.”

A perfect example of this is a recent post by a “mommy blogger” in which she says that life insurance is a better way “to protect your family” than a gun. A writer going by the name of “J. KB” gives us the details,

Anti-gun arguments can be endless rationalizations of why you don’t need a gun and your rights should be restricted by the government.  One common theme of anti-gun arguments are: you can protect yourself more effectively with something other than a gun.

Every once in a while, an anti-gunner will make an argument so ridiculous that you wonder what type of reality they live in.

Gabrielle Blair is a mommy blogger.  She runs a website and wrote a book about how to be a mom and live in a house that looks like its being featured in Better Homes & Gardens or Martha Stewart Living.  We used to call these “catalog homes,” as in every room looked like a still frame from a housewares catalog.

She and her family live in the San Francisco bay area.

Clearly firearms use, culture, and politics is an area of her expertise.

She decided to chide gun owners about how they don’t need a gun to protect themselves […].

J. KB then notes that Blair tweeted, “THERE ARE FAR BETTER WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY THAN A GUN. GET A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY.” J. KB then proceeds to tear apart Blair’s tweet:


Does this woman understand how life insurance works?

You have to die for it to pay.

While my wife receiving five times my annual salary in a single lump sum will make it possible for her to pay off the mortgage and all of our debts, will a big fat check help her bathe the kids and put them to bed at night?  Will it make my children daddy’s special French toast on Saturday mornings?  Will it help them with their homework?

Blair’s tweets continued by suggesting that using seatbelts and fire alarms were better safety measures than a gun, but as J. KB notes, these ideas aren’t mutually exclusive.

In fact, I would add (as did J. KB), it would be smart of you to have life insurance, seatbelts, smoke detectors, and a gun. Why? Because they all help your family in different situations.

It’s a faulty logic to equate guns and life insurance. They aren’t for the same purpose, and it’s nonsensical to say that one excludes the other.

But this is the kind of nonsense which is common from anti-gunners: bad logic and emotional, knee-jerk arguments without any fact or substance.



  1. Let that person who thinks life insurance is better than a gun for self defense, draw his insurance policy, point it at a shooter, and tell him to drop his gun.
    He’d probably shoot him just for being stupid!

    • Let that person who thinks life insurance is better than a gun for self defense, draw his insurance policy, point it at a shooter, and tell him to drop his gun.
      He’d probably shoot him just for being stupid!

    • this IGNORANT person doesn’t care because SHE will be spending all that money that her husband DIED for she’s a God Damn Liberal she is self centered and only cares about herself. Ignorant San fran low life liberal PUKE

  2. All I can say is that I hope it never happens to Gabrielle, but she will understand and change her tune, if someday she is looking down the barrel of a gun pointed at her or her child ,God forbid and then reach for her insurance policy, point it at the gunman to stop the perpetrator, and tell hi to drop the gun. She needs a good case of reality.
    I started my armed security job in 1972, and have carried ever since. Have worked as a nurse for 20 years, and worked in a county jail. You can’t trust even the nicest appearing people. You have to always be vigilant, and don’t turn your back on strangers.

  3. There are reasons that some people should NOT have access to firearms, and this idiot woman is a prime example of one who should not even be allowed in the same room with one.

  4. I am reminded of an old set of Burma Shave signs which used to be along the road before super highways:

    Although Insured
    Be careful Kiddo
    They don’t pay you
    They pay your widow
    Burma Shave

    I miss those signs!

  5. Guns are an insurance policy put in place by our founding fathers to be used to protect ourselves from government tyranny; just in caseall other checks and balances designed to prevent destruction of free society get beaten back by collusion and cross-party manipulation (kinda like you are seeing with the recent attempted coup d’etat against an elected president which thankfully is being rooted out). Protection against Individuals who don’t respect societies laws is a bonus as well because Cops are awesome but unfortunately they will show up most times after the crime has already been committed and your family has become a victim. Guns are a necessary part of remaining Free and if you think otherwise read your history and truly look at gun statistics objectively not just the isolated case here and there…Criminals will always have guns, so taking guns away from law abiding citizens is just allowing for more evil in the world to occur…your being Naive…ps San Francisco also has labeled NSA members (Patriots) as a terrorist organization…maybe she should focus on figuring out a solution to San Francisco businesses leaving town because of homeless sleeping and shitting in front of local businesses…I personally think they should institute the MAT program in combination with mental health being addressed…It’s working for providence RI extremely well…

    • Please! Learn punctuation and the use of paragraphs. You’ll come across as so much more intelligent.

  6. She is just another useless liberal woman who cares only about money. She doesnt care that her husband will have to die for her to get it. When she is looking down the barrel of a gun and her insurance policy does not help, she will learn a valuable lesson. A lesson with a steep price. That price is her life. She is another example of people who live in a world that is a sugar coated topping. They do not know of the world beneath it. The real world. Oh well some people are beyond ignorant and she is one of them. It is a damn shame that there are adults in this world that are as ignorant as her. Hopefully she will wake up and realize that there are people in this world who just don’t care about anything. They just wanna see the world burn. When she meets one of those people in a confrontation I just hope that she will live to regret making such a childish,ignorant comment about insurance policy protecting better than a gun.

  7. What an idiot! There is NO aboslute way to avoid shootings. A shooter always has the element of surprise. But enough people with fire arms of one sort or another tend to diauade shooters.

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