[Video] Virginia Is At A Boiling Point Over Proposed Gun Legislation


You may or not be aware of a disturbing situation in Virginia. Proposed gun control bills would, if passed, track gun owners and, likely, limit access to firearms in that state. That certainly seems to be their intention.

That these bills are being considered is alarming enough, however, a military veteran and current Federal law enforcement officer said in public testimony that the situation is much worse. He said that Virginia is at a boiling point. You can watch the video of his testimony below for as long as YouTube keeps it live:

Now, as law-abiding gun owners, we need to think about his words seriously.


Yes, he obviously supports gun rights. Good for him. That is the right thing to do. He also acknowledges that gun rights are Constitutional rights that should not be infringed.

From there is where things start to get scary. It’s not that thirty 84 counties in Virginia are already declaring that they will be gun sanctuary counties if these bills are passed. They are right in taking that action.

The scary part is that people are seriously talking about “tar and feathering” politicians. In other words, they are talking about inflicting physical harm against politicians. That is a dangerous road to go down.

Those arguing for violence against politicians may say that politicians started this conflict by seeking to keep people from defending themselves and by trying to take people’s rights away from them. And I would tend to agree with them. The danger here, though, is that as long as a number of law enforcement officers misunderstand their oath of office to be that they are supposed to obey the government instead of to obey the Constitution, the potential for armed conflict and violence is higher than it has been in recent memory.

And armed conflict and violence means that innocent people will be injured and could die.

We need to be very careful with this. While it is true that one of the primary purposes of the Second Amendment is to empower the people to prevent a totalitarian government, we also need to not take this idea lightly. Armed revolution should not be something jumped into without serious thought and consideration of other ways to prevent the infringement of rights.

Knee-jerk emotional reactions get people killed. That’s one of the major problems with gun control advocates: they propose policies based on knee-jerk emotional responses, and innocent people are dying because they are unable to legally obtain firearms to defend themselves.

To paraphrase something that the gentleman in the video above says that his wife (a Columbine high school survivor, astrophysicist, and gun rights advocate) says: Reason should govern our choices, not emotion. Emotion should be in place when dispensing mercy, but not when making laws or, I might add, when making choices that can get people killed.

Yes, Virginia is at a boiling point, and, sadly, gun control zealots in government are to blame because they are not showing any rationality. They are playing King George to the U.S. colonists in this issue, and it could blow up in their faces.



  1. In 2006, Congress passed the 2007 National Defence Authorization Act, which gave the president the authority to mobilize National Guard units within the U.S. without the consent of state governors.
    Keep cool. Stay alert to the situation.
    #TRUMP2020 is the solution to Democrat traitors.

  2. I would say that the term ‘traitor’ should be applied to those Republicans and Independents as well as Democrats who would take away our gun rights. Or even agree to do so for that matter. It seems to me that all of these people will not listen or even consider that guns are not the problem.

    • These Laughtist/Marxist fools have no idea what awakening the sleeping giant of the silent moral majority any further will do as “WE the People” under our 3-Founding documents are their authority = NOT THEM…
      They are mere servants trusted to respect their oaths + do our bidding as is Constititional.

      Evidently these traiterous parasites believe they are our “over lords” as did King George III and the arrogant British tyrants put over us to over-tax, repress and disarm us etc = NOT HARDLY GONNA HAPPEN.

      These usurpers must be recalled and thrown out on their ears.

      • These Communists will continue to eliminate our rights until we stand up 1 time with a physical act made to stop them. I can’t remember who said it, ” The only thing necessary for evil to thrive, is when good men do nothing”. We are long past that point.

      • You’re not very well educated on this point. Karl Marx stridently opposed disarming the working class – for obvious reasons.

  3. Many People better than us gave their Lives to maintain these Rights for us.To not do the same to pass them down would be Sheepish. I like the Tar & Feather Idea.

  4. Knee jerk or not, war IS going to happen. We’re sick of the commies who’s ideology never should have been allowed in OUR nation. The time for cleansing our government and nation by blood is NOW. Many of you live in fear of war, but I guarantee, if the communists take control of this country you’ll have a hell of a lot more to fear. You’ll be living in North Korea II. DEPRIVATION, STARVATION AND SLAVERY. Those that would trade freedom for “safety” will have none and deserve neither.

    • Why are so many of you so misinformed when it comes to “communists” being the purported root of gun confiscatory evil?

      Karl Marx and the League of the Just which became the Communist Party adamantly supported an armed population. Why? Because they believed that only an armed working class could overthrow the bourgeoisie.

      It is unnecessary, inaccurate, and alienating to potential allies, to spew rhetorical hyperbole scapegoating “leftists” and “communists” as the danger to firearm ownership. The overwhelming majority of radical anti-gun activists are not motivated by any political or ideological belief or affiliation. The Democratic Socialist POTUS candidate Bernie Sanders took hits from neoliberal Clinton and her ilk for being “too soft” on firearm manufacturers and for being “MIA” when it came to clamping down on firearm ownership. The “centrist” Joe Biden is far more hostile to firearm rights than the “leftist” Sanders.

      The NRA had far more support in its early days. Its major drift to the land of ultra-right-wing insanity has seriously undermined its credibility.

      There is plenty of leftish fruit available for picking by rational firearm rights advocates who refrain from frothing at the mouth and (inaccurately) labeling gun control proponents as “communists.’

      • What Marx wrote ideologically and how it has been applied are two completely different animals…most of us err on the side of pragmatic reality. Every communist leader from the get go has disarmed their followers once they defeated their opposition, so that there would be no 2nd Amendment militia types running around to challenge them when they decided to implement their assinine draconian policies that made the population suffer so the leadership could domas they pleased. Our current Progressive liberals are pragmatic enough to realize that they will find it hard to suppress speech and implement their policies that will limit opportunities and insure universal suffering, it can’t be done if the citizens have the ability to rebel, as in are armed.

  5. I agree. The danger is not limited to this one state unfortunately. It is time to clean house of these radical gun-grabbers. It is also time to pray to our Lord for His hand to be seen in the course
    of our nation and a return to our values that established us as a great nation. The two go hand in hand. Let us pray that this will happen.

  6. Don’t give up your guns if that’s where you have to start a new civil war I would say it will be time to begin

  7. I believe people know the consequences of the coming civil war and why we need it. If we don’t stand up now in Virginia and put this tyranny down now, it will not stop and the death count of action taken at a later date or not at all will only be greater due to inaction and the actions of the tyrants and criminals! Make your stand Virginia, we patriots stand with you til death or freedom!

  8. Yeah kind of disarmament to the Muslims in takeover got bad news for you now y’all need to know somebody in your family dies and they have guns than guns need to disappear then you cant track such things

  9. HUHH! These DemocRAT national communists are UPSET that Counties and Cities are passing 2nd Amendment SANCTUARY statuses.
    I ask what is different between; 1.) 2nd Amendment Sanctuary areas VERSES 2.) States, Counties and Communities who have passed ALIEN FOREIGN NATIONAL CRIMINAL SANCTUARY AREAS?
    The First example IS LEGAL and IS SUPPORTED by American CONSTITUTION which IS the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.
    The Second example is NOT legal nor is it supported by the American Constitution which IS the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.
    Therefore; These “politicians” and their sycophant supporter ARE BEING TYRANNICAL against the very People they are SUPPOSED to be DEFENDING. There IS already a law that states these TYRANTS ARE and WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE by the People who ALLOW them to be Public SERVANT Officials.

  10. Why are the people in Virginia not mobilizing and recalling the most egregious of those that are proposing those laws, does Virginia not have any recall capability? There is a solution to the issue, get rid of them and elect legislators that will observe the rule of law and actually listen to those that want their state to be legal, legitimate and interested in the rule of law. Elections clearly have consequences and they are in abundant display in Virginia.

    • “RECALL” and throw the unAmerican parasites out…

      They have no idea what pissing off real American Patriots will do.
      But the British Empire did twice, Nazis Germany, Japanese Empire and any one WE feel is a threat to our sovereignty FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC did + does or ought to.

      These idiots just don’t get out + around real Americans across OUR nation past their narrow pathetic boardroom ninnies they parlance with = WE are right here + not going anywhere for you see “Don’t Tread On Us” has never died in our history yet.
      WE still highly revere our wise, courageous + Faithful Founding people’s.

      WE however knowing what the world is like without American Principles guarding the Darkness will not allow those incremental downward steps here as long as those of us know our values as People with “freedoms under Liberty”.

      My parents fled Bolshevik Terrorists to come here and my father was in firefights with them as a 17 yr old farm boy….only because he was armed + “well trained” in firearms use as are 100,000,000 of us here= or his defenseless 6 sisters and mother would have been raped + murdered by the Godless Marxist monsters.

      These political DemocRAT fools in Virginia government[+ elswhere] and like minded bureaucRATS are the menace to Americanism = it is they who are out of touch.

      Criminals are lawless by nature so catch them leaving WE your betters alone lest you’re seen as criminals who operate “above” the law as tyrants.

    • I must protest that the voters of Virginia elected these same politicians they are challenging today. So I must ask how were these people elected? Who were their supporters? Was their election just or were they elected by illegal voter interferences and fraud? Why are these protesters not filing torrents or federal lawsuits?

      • Demographic concentrations of Indo-Paki H1(b) “legally” imported IT persons in Northern Virginia have skewed voting patterns…to the Left, and to our peril.
        They have NO awareness or sympathy with traditional American, Constitutional values and Rights, especially those enumerated in The Second Amendment/Individual Interpretation. They see guns as The Problem, rather than those that criminally misuse guns. They come from a hive mind culture wherein individual responsibility and self sufficiency are alien concepts. They are comfortable in a Post-British Empire nanny state, and are ONLY here for the money and the vastly improved quality of life…just like the Indo-Paki physicians that rode the wave of (((Sackler Family))) Opioid distribution, before they retired as multi-millionaires… compared to the filthy, depraved, corrupt, ridiculous Hellhole from which they escaped, with the aid of (((Banker & Financial Nation Wreckers))) and their Cheap Labor Gubbamint and Big Business stooges.
        They, and the managed puppet Black, mostly female, “voters”…interested only in more Gibs and not liking dem bad guns and NEVER dealing with rampaging violent Black criminals… are what happened to the State elections in Virginia.
        The current situation portends ill not only for Virginia, but for the entire USA.
        The cultural poison and corrosion is SO far advanced that I don’t believe that there is any chance that we can vote our way out of it.
        Hence, prepare yourselves for Life During Wartime.
        It will not be fought like C W 1.
        Imagine Viet Nam combined with The irish Troubles plus some Spanish Civil War.
        We’ll be very lucky if China and Russia stay out of it.

        • Yes… except… don’t overlook all the government droids in Northern VA and the welfare population in Richmond.

      • Maybe the elected traders should be dealt with accordingly. Don’t know how or what should be can be done with the traders but they violate their oath to the Constutition.

    • The laws are currently only pre-filed bills, the Democrats who were newly voted in have yet to take office (Jan 7th or 8th I think). Once these new Leftist Democrats take office and start to actually vote into law these illegal and unconstitutional infringements on personal liberties, you will see more people take action. Over 90% of Virginia has already acted to make their county, city, town, etc. a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Some Sheriffs in Virginia have vowed to deputize their entire county if needs be, to stop the enforcement of illegal gun confiscation against the people of their counties.

      If the governor and his unjust fellow politicians try to maintain power with force, by use of law enforcement or even the National Guard, as has been threatened, then Virginia may become the first battleground of a true civil war in America.

      I hope and pray that the foolish Leftist Democrats do not push this to that point, but as yet I have not seen much in the way of logic nor reason on their part in this conflict.

      It is obvious that the politicians in question are not serving the people who elected them, since over 90% of the state has already declared openly that they will not comply with these unjust laws. I would like to ask who do these politicians think that they are? Who do they think that they serve? If they do not serve the people of Virginia, then they should be lawfully removed from office, and charged with any and all crimes they have committed. Up to and including treason. Trials, convictions, and punishments commiserate with their crimes should then be imposed and executed in full upon one and all.

      If the people of Virginia are so forced to use the legal rights of the American citizenry, under The Second Amendment, of armed intervention to remove a corrupt government, acting against the people of Virginia, then they are within their Rights as these corrupt politicians will have proven themselves to be domestic enemies. If this happens, I do fear that Virginia will not be the only state to act, as far too many politicians are openly acting against the desires of the people who have voted them into office in many areas of America now.

      I do not call for violence. I in fact hope that this is settled by the complete dropping of these bills before they are even voted upon. But should Virginia act against their unjust and corrupt government, they will have my full support and the full support of MANY others, both in and outside of Virginia.

      “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. – Thomas Jefferson

  11. My view is that the Regressives (I refuse to use the word progressives in relation to them) are moving backwards to early 1900s when Stalin and his ilk took over in Russia. The hatred which has been generated in the US comes from the Left and continues to emanate from there. They drive the anti 2nd Amendment movement because they KNOW that with the many millions of gun owners…and even many more guns…they will never be able to take over. And that is the ONLY reason this movement is being pushed.

    • EXACTLY STATED – just who do these wingnuts think they are to challenge OUR Americana with OUR unique American phenomena’s as outlined in OUR 3-Founding documents = no longer taught to be memorized by 12-grade graduation in Civics class.

      Rifle trap + clay shooting teams should be brought back as once were normal high school sports = there were no school shootings then- of course so was Scripture + prayer taught.
      Now it’s Marxism + transgender whatnot.
      “Communist Goals for America” as read into the 1963 U.S. Congressional Record= will take 5-minutes.

      • The 1965 Hart-Celler Act…that opened the floodgates for importation of Third World stinking, dysfunctional. permanently dependent detritus here fo da Gibs…brought to you by (((The Usual Suspects))) and fronted by Super-Alky Teddy Kennedy, the stooge…
        was The Kiss Of Death smeared upon our now grievously afflicted nation.
        The Uniparty Deep State scum, and their hired hands in Clowngress and the many Three Letter Federal agencies DON’T CARE…
        because they can avoid the consequences of their evil venality…
        until they can’t avoid well deserved Harsh Justice.

  12. Politicians have repeatedly shown a lack of concern towards the Constitution and to the Natural Rights described and guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights, especially of late.
    The 2nd Amendment clearly states the purpose for it, being self protection, the protection of our families and possessions, the protection of our communities, and the defense of our Country, from enemies both foreign and domestic.
    Included in the defense of our Country, mentioned specifically, is the prevention of tyrannical government policies and agendas. The framers of the Constitution knew that in order to accomplish this, we would need the means to do so. That’s why this Amendment “Shall not be infringed”. A very definitive statement.
    There should be NO regulations or laws that limit the type or amount of firearms we can own. Tyrannical governments will not think twice about using tanks, or aircraft, or whatever resources they have to establish and maintain power, and to stop a tyrannical agenda we would need those same resources. If I want to park an M1 tank in my yard, the government has no right to tell me no.
    The “Well Regulated Militia” does not mean “under government control”, because that is contrary to the spirit of the Amendment. It is us, “We the People”, who are meant to regulate our own defense against that tyranny.
    Some would argue that the 2nd Amendment is meant for personal protection and hunting, saying “You can’t hunt with an AR-15”.
    But no where does it say anything about hunting.
    And yes, you can hunt with an AR-15. You can hunt tyrants.
    And that’s what they’re afraid of.

    Anyone who presents or supports legislation that is contrary to the above, in my and many others opinions, are infringing on our Constitutionally guaranteed Rights, and are doing so knowingly.
    That makes them a part of the domestic enemies we are charged with combatting.
    Attempts in the past to stop unconstitutional laws in the legal system have failed, as evidenced by the suppressive and oppressive anti-gun laws in California and the other States following their lead. There is little other recourse for us to make them understand that we don’t approve of those laws. That our Rights are being trampled in order to progress their agenda. That THEY are representing US, and not Us obeying THEM. What other options do we have?
    As far as I’m concerned, the politicians who push for anti-gun laws are breaking their oaths, and in doing so prove they are not fit for their positions as representatives.
    If they believed in the Constitution, and honored their oaths, we would not have this issue. They would also understand the potential consequences of their actions in attempting to undermine it.
    As Thomas Jefferson said in 1787, “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.”
    To lose the 2nd Amendment is to lose them all, as it protects all the others. That’s why it’s constantly under attack. And those who attack it, for whatever reason they give, show us exactly their intentions.
    It is our responsibility to keep the Rights that we have, before we have none.
    As I asked above, what other options do we have?

    • Yes well normal arms of civilian use capabilities should be under the 2nd – semi-auto etc

      Tho realize the 2nd is one sentence not two for the “militia is the whole of the people” and “well regulated” means well trained in use + organizational abilities;
      means local counties depending on size having equivalent Armory’s with *some of the larger weaponry, artillery, vehicles machine guns, explosives are kept there for use on weekend training by those willing, fit + qualified to be with rank[voted on yearly by members] to deligate according to skill + maturity the various use of those more dangerous items + equipment = not just anyone is.

      Limits as to how far Conventional Warfare items go must be reasonable and access strictly limited and guarded.

      Tho 1st the U.N. needs to be kicked out with their military equipment across America now left for Militias as well as Obama’s illegal U.N. Kigali Agreement canceled forthwith.

  13. I’m glad to see someone advocate caution when situations like this come about. I believe revolution may well come, but as a former military man I’ve seen enough bodies.

    In addition, most violent revolutions cause more problems than they solve. Witness the French, Russian, and Chinese Revolutions and the millions who died.

    Yet if we acquiesce to tyranny, freedom may die for generations and the death toll will be far larger.

    • Domestic guerilla insurrection, the fracturing of the military and agencies, and national Balkanization is not like the violent revolutions you name.
      It’s coming, sooner or later, and it will result in our failed Republic and Union eventually becoming split up into Affinity States and Confederations; the best of which will have debt free currency…along with good defense capability and prosperous economy…no H1(b) nonsense, nor Black ghetto systemic dysfunction either.
      otoh, we may have to say “Buh-Bye” to Hawaii and USA military bases in foreign lands.
      Alaska ? Who knows ?
      A Chinese Curse:
      “May you live in interesting times.”
      (((The Nation Wreckers))) that even Andrew Jackson had to deal with have brought us to this; as is their Talmudic plan.
      May they twist impaled in Hell, forever.

  14. Glad to see some strong action against this ridiculous proposal!
    Americans will never stand for anything like it.

    • Yes tho the socialist/Globalist’s scattered among us mostly in cities do not realize real Americans far outnumber them for most of them only fratonize + covort with the Far-Leftist crowd.
      “They” have ensnared all public Skrool curriculum as well as 95+% of higher ed.

      These ner’do-wells mostly are “useful idiots for Far-Leftist ideology not realizing it will be their head first for being so naive + gullible just as Stalin started in killing off 10’s of millions – Mao then started of killing 10’s of millions every year for a decade.

      All Leftist regimes ran campaigns of genocide as Venzuala is as WE speak.
      Certainly Castro + Pol Pot did leaving only “yes-man” sycophants = all on “DISARMED PEOPLE”

  15. Ben Joseph Woods is a very good thinker and speaker. We need many more like, or similar to, him. But, like nearly everybody, it seems to me, he thinks we all have the same fundamental view about our rights, and that our polarization consists only of half of us citing our rights only at our convenience, and the other half doing the same, at their convenience. The theory is that resolution is achieved by a reminder to all of the universal precedence of reason over emotion.

    But it’s actually a fundamentally DIFFERING view of rights. One view is that we have the right to action. The other is we have the right to equal results, and that actions must be controlled and focused on achieving equal results. These two are contradictory to and mutually exclusive of each other. The role of reason and emotion in each must be identified and sorted out. It will be found that one or the other has to go. How will that be determined and how will it be done? THAT’S more like the real nature of our polarization.

    Avoidance of violence requires that one side gives up and joins the other, hence, no polarization. How and why might that happen? And what are the reasons and emotions involved? What will be the end product of one or of the other? If neither side gives up, one or the other still has to go. How will that come about? The end product of one or the other will still be the same.

    This is how Ben Joseph Woods, and all of us, should be seeing the situation.

  16. You are looking at the disastrous results of leftist/democrat/socialist/progressive control, the state voted for these people, this is simply the results of a poorly thought out vote. It was mentioned that these politicians have bills lined up and ready to go, ask yourself, is it really the politicians you voted for who have done all this work, or are the following the orders of their masters higher up in the party, who simply hand out their premade bills to a state whenever the dems take control. With that said, I firmly believe that is what happened in Colorado, they elected a far left progressive idiot for governor, gave control of the legislature to like minded democrats did and my bet is they did not not have time to draft all of them, the bills were handed to them with orders to jam them thru. Unless Colorado comes to their senses, in ten years or less we will look just like california.

  17. Just quit re-electing idiots. Get rid of the swamp rats and clean house. Get veterans to start running for office. They have put their life on the line for these rights and they will not just throw them to the wind. Term limits and get money out of politics. People are being bought and selling there soles to Satan.

  18. Each and every one of these political appointees and officials regardless what position they occupy, elected, hired, or appointed have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the USA. Those who think they can back over the 2nd amendment like it is yesterdays news paper are risking their own lives and those of the citizen/sovereign in their state by doing so. Don’t be surprised if turns bloody at some point, Tyrants seldom stop their forward movement toward their goal until more forward movement threatens their existence.

  19. These Communist traitors will NEVER stop until real Americans physically stop them at some point in time. This could be the time. I don’t remember who said, ” The only thing necessary for evil to thrive, is when good men do nothing”. We need good men to stand up NOW !!!. Communism is at hand.

  20. Actually, “knee jerk” reactions are used as a means for the BIGGER PICTURE, that is to eventually USHER IN Communism/Socialism, which MUST be stopped at ALL costs. This WILL be the end of the U.S. Constitution, which the Left Wing Liberals (mainly Democrats and RINOs) hate. These people are TREASONISTIC traitors, and must be DEALT with as such. The U.S. Constitution is a God given Document ushered in by GOD FEARING Founding Fathers, which the Left Wing Liberals ALSO hate. They MUST be stopped. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  21. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to abolish it, and to institute a new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such a form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness,

    I wouldn’t know where to even start with what this says about about We the People being able to abolish our Government or parts of it. I came across this by reading our Constitution but not knowing what I was looking for after the Democrats had their unethical and illegal impeachment hearings against our President Donald Trump. Well when I got to the part of the Constitution where what I put at the beginning of this comment was it jumped out at me as being what We the People could probably do but I don’t have any idea of how to do it. Maybe a reader of these comments will happen to be a Lawyer that is good with Constitutional Law and knows how to do it and could verse the people of Virginia as to how they could get rid of the Democrats who are attempting to do away with their’s and actually ever Citizen of the United State’s rights to keep and bears arms.

    I can only HOPE for the sake of all of the Citizens of the United States and specially Virginia.

    Molon Labe. Always Faithful

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