Proposed Bill Allows ‘High Capacity Magazines’ For Government Employees But Not For You And Me


One of the consistent things that you see from leftists, including anti-gunners (who are typically on the political left) is that they don’t play by the same rules that they want you to play by. They want you to pay tons of taxes, but they “conveniently” include tax loopholes that benefit them so that they don’t. Or they want you to be forced to participate in socialized medicine, but they set up a separate medical system for themselves and their fellow members of Congress.

And you can see the same hypocrisy around guns. They want their personal bodyguards and security teams to have guns, but they don’t want you to be able to defend yourself from the criminal who pulls out a gun to rob you, rape your wife or daughter, and, then, kill all of you.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a current instance of gun control that anti-gunners are pushing that they are exempting their security details from. Lee Williams writes,


Gunfights are extremely unpredictable.

No two are alike.

That’s why you must take every advantage possible: A reliable firearm and gear, sufficient training, the right mindset and plenty of ammunition — plenty.

Now, a group of federal lawmakers wants to restrict your constitutional and God-given right of self defense by limiting the number of rounds you can carry in your firearm.

Evidently, these tactical gurus think 10 rounds is all you’ll ever need, unless you’re a cop.

I doubt any of these politicians have even fired a weapon, much less heard one fired in anger.

Of course, the proposed bill provides an exemption to law enforcement officers “(whether on or off duty).”

What this means is, effectively, that the security details for these legislators get a special exemption that you and I wouldn’t be allowed to have.

And to add insult to injury, one of the people pushing this bill shows that they are utterly clueless to go along with their hypocrisy. Williams provides a quote from U.S. Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO):

If you ban them in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.

I’m guessing that she believes magazines can’t be reloaded. She obviously couldn’t be bothered to do a simple Google search before saying stupid stuff.

It’s unbelievable that people so ignorant of something feel like they are imminently qualified to talk about and regulate that item.

This kind of nonsense has to stop, so go ahead and contact your Representative in Congress and tell them to vote against this silly magazine ban. It’s nothing more than a waste of time and money to make ignorant anti-gunners feel safer without actually doing so.



  1. ALL you Anti-Gun PUKES let me know how you feel after your Wife or Daughter is Raped or you have a gun shoved in your face and are robed or a Criminal breaks into your house while your Family is sleeping. Touch my Wife, Daughter’s, Granddaughter’s or break into my house you DIE plain and simple.

  2. Perhaps we are mis-reading her intent. Maybe what she really means is that the Left means to restrict all ammunition to Law Enforcement or the Military so that guns in civilian hands would be empty.

  3. So the government employees will have the ammunition, ( which they have been stocking piling up with for many years now, and they will spray us, the rebels, until our death! No need to account for expenditures. It will force us to get the ability to account for each shot and to get the result intended for each shot! PRECISION. And STEALTH. Will always be better! Distance over short. Long rifle over short barrel. Great caliber over small bore. MMMMMHHHHH. The FUN will begin!
    Magazines: ten is good if you know where each round is going!
    Spraying thirty and losing twenty eight is the same as sending two and getting the result wanted. NOT GOOD!
    Still: good hiding and good equipment make for better results.

  4. Everyone in America knows the socialist communist democrats want to disarm Americans to enslave them. They want a police state to keep people in line. Much like NAZIS Germany had their SS.troops to terrorize the population ! If America wants to remain a free nation never allow disarmament!!!!

  5. Democrats
    Just get on with it.
    Start the Second Civil War that your Klan Brothers want.
    Then we will end this crap.

  6. The only comfort I get against the radical liberals is in the future when they stand in front of GOD for judgement and getting thrown in the lake of fire.

  7. Rules for the, but not for me. Classic “ruling class” thinking. All government officials should be subject to the same laws and rules they want to impose on the rest of us. No high government pension plan,Social Security, the same as the rest of us.Pay raises based on job performance, placed on ballot to be voted on by the people-no more voting themselves a pay raise. Also, no more Caddilac healthcare paid for by the taxpayer, They should buy Obama care policies out of their own pockets. All government perks cease after they leave office, no taxpayer funded healthcare, security details, etc. Until all this taxpayer abuse BULLSHIT stops, noting will ever change…

  8. They can ban anything that they want. They want total annihilation of the 2nd Amendment, Confiscation of All firearms and to deplete the ammunition supply. Anyone in their right mind will not cower to these Progressive, Liberal, Demoncrap, Commies and register or turn in anything to them.

  9. I agree with no more special concessions. Let those who want to create the laws and policies of this country live by then and since we the tax payers are already paying them a lot of money to do their jobs, which they often fail at, they should pay for their own transportation, fund their own parties and social events and accept the same amount of social security as the citizens and while I am at it, stop giving money to other countries when they could put that towards social security and other things to benefit Americans.

    As far as guns…. well if they think they can end crime by restricting good people they’re stupid, but should take the same risk as we do. Walk the streets or drive around shopping and eating out without personal weapons or taxpayer funded personal security teams. If they can have bodyguards that’s fine, but allow the rest us a fighting chance by allowing us to be discreetly armed because we don’t have on call people, high profile lawyers and former military soldiers to shoot or subdue criminal attackers for us. We are easier targets for crime than any politician.

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