1 Person Asked, ‘Did The Mayor Smoke Pot Before Making This Gun Decision?’


There are a couple of states in the U.S. that are widely known to have legalized marijuana in those states. While this particular article isn’t about marijuana usage, there is one state that has made some pretty questionable decisions, the kind of decisions that make you wonder if they were smoking pot when they made the decision.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today: a decision that is so ridiculous that (when I realized where it happened) I wondered if they were stoned when they submitted this bill. Esteban L. Hernandez writes,

The [Denver] City Attorney’s Office is proposing a bill that would make it illegal for people to have concealed guns in public buildings and parks.

The proposal would ban carrying guns in city-owned or -leased buildings and parks, and according to City Attorney’s Office spokesperson Jacqlin Davis, it will adopt a portion of a statewide law passed last year.

Hernandez continues:


The new proposal is part of Mayor Michael Hancock’s public safety plan, which he introduced in February amid an increase in certain crimes in the city.

Of course, as you and I (and anyone who has ever looked at the statistics in context) know, preventing legal gun owners from carrying their firearms in a place doesn’t reduce violence in general (or, usually, even gun violence) in that area. No, on the contrary, banning private gun possession in an area makes that area a magnet for violence because criminals can attack people without concern of someone shooting back at them.

It’s simple human nature: you can try to love a bully into changing their ways, but many (maybe most) bullies won’t stop bullying until they are scared of the repercussions. Or, to put it bluntly, if you want to decrease violence in an area, it needs to be clear to criminals (those who desire to initiate violence) that anyone and everyone else can shoot back.

There’s a reason that gun free zones are where mass shooters go: it’s where no one can shoot back. That tells you all that you need to know as to why guns should never be restricted anywhere.



  1. My second amendment rights don’t have any boundaries read it yourself if you can read it is untouchable period but of course you one’s trying to pass it is guaranteed to be in bed with the enemy get educated and read your contract company you work under is a foreign country we are Americans and we will fight for our freedom and rights try us other countries have an failed you ain’t going to sneak in a loophole and do anything that ain’t been tried before pry it from our cold Dead hands if you can they are more of us than you. Signed the second amendment full rights America sambo ain’t scared

  2. They did NOT smoke pot before coming up with this idiotic measure. They all went down to their best crack dealer, bought some of Denver’s finest rocks, then smoked it all while in the mayor’s office together.

  3. It is the Second Amendment of the United States of America that states, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! It’s COMMON KNOWLEGE there are establishments where GUNS are NOT allowed, Banks, Bars, etc. ALSO, establishments where it is VISIBLY POSTED that “NO GUNS ALLOWED”. I live in Arizona which is a RIGHT TO CARRY STATE. I NEVER LEAVE HOME without my BLACKHAWK holster and my GLOCK 9mm on my side! This is a PROMISE, NOT A THREAT. If Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, ANY and ALL other D E M O C R A P S step foot on my property they will be SHOT ON SITE and TERMINATED for TRESPASSING! I will then call local Law Enforcement and WASTE MANAGEMENT; tell them I need them to come pick up the GARBAGE out of my yard!

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