How Does Joe Biden Justify These HORRIBLE Statistics?


Joe Biden, like every other anti–2A zealot, says that he is pushing gun control to save lives, that he is the good guy trying to keep people safe.

If those are really his motivations for pushing gun control (and that’s debatable), then, Biden, and ever other gun control advocate needs to answer some questions. Serious questions.

For example, they need to be able to answer why areas with strict gun control consistently have much higher levels of gun violence than areas with constitutional carry. To take a specific example, they need to explain why Memorial Day weekend of 2023 saw the gun violence in Chicago, Illinois, an area with very strict gun control, being worse than the overwhelming majority of mass shootings that gun control advocates keep talking about to justify pushing the gun control proposals.


If you’re unclear what kind of horrible violence that we’re talking about, then, read on. Paul Sacca writes,

Chicago suffered yet another bloody Memorial Day weekend with at least 51 people shot, including 12 who were fatally shot. The widespread gun violence occurred despite dozens of “peacekeepers’ patrolling the Windy City in an attempt to decrease bloodshed.

WFLD reported that by Sunday night, 12 people had been shot and killed during Memorial Day weekend., a site dedicated to gun violence statistics in Chicago, reported that there were 10 people shot and killed in Chicago on Saturday. The site noted that in the more than 10 years of covering gun violence in Chicago, there were only three other days that tallied 10 or more homicides: 6/27/2020: 10 killed, 7/4/2020: 11 killed, 5/31/2020: 18 killed.

There were at least 39 people wounded in shootings around the city, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like the kind of safety due to gun control that I want any part of.

Anti–2A zealots harp on about the horrible mass shooting at a Nashville school by someone who was almost certainly a political leftist (as if that leftist was likely to have been a 2A advocate), and, yes, that shooting was absolutely horrible. But those same politicians won’t even acknowledge that gun control is how Chicago, Baltimore, and other Democrat run cities ended up so violent.

Who knows how many lives would have been saved if the criminals were afraid to pull out their guns because, potentially, anyone and everyone could and would shoot back? By looking at gun violence and overall violence statistics in constitutional carry states, we don’t have to guess what the outcome would be, even if we can only guess at the exact numbers: more people would be alive now if Chicago were a constitutional carry area instead of being, for the most part, a giant gun–free zone.

Pray for the people of Chicago because if results are any indication, their politicians are trying to get everyone killed.

And while you’re at it, demand that anti–2A zealots like Joe Biden give us some kind of rational justification for gun control with the results that they’re getting in the real world.



  1. If Joe Biden were really a good guy trying to keep people safe, he would follow the Constitution to the letter and spend more on finding and punishing these criminals …
    You know I must have very stupid guns cause for 60 years they have done nothing by themselves …

  2. Biden and the Democrats want to disarm us so they can take absolute power over us. They already either ignore or circumvent our Constitution and laws. People just don’t realize it or they don’t care. It’s disgusting.

  3. Joe Biden thinks all americans are idiots. He claims to want to protect people. Well answer me this, Why is it that the 5 cities with the highest Murder rate has the strictest gun laws? I’M WAITING!

  4. Personally I think they want to disarm us all so as to make it easier to do whatever they want to us.. Biden does not care for us or our children and he is NOT a good guy and neither are his handlers … VOTE THEM OUT !!

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